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All orders placed with Zandur from companies that do not have account activity within the past twelve (12) months or have not done business with Zandur are automatically placed on a prepaid status and must either re-submit credit information or make payment in full prior to shipment.

Credit applications are only processed for orders greater than $2,500.

Orders less than this amount must be pre-paid unless customer has existing Net 30 terms.


Customers whose order total is $2,500.00 or more are eligible to place a 50% deposit and complete a credit application.

Upon credit approval and receipt of deposit, the order will be shipped and the balance placed on a Net 30 account.

Upon satisfactory payment performance on first order, customer terms will be set at net 30 and deposits will not be required for future orders within credit limit.

Account must remain active over subsequent 12 month period to remain on net 30 terms.


Wire Transfer
ACH Transfer

Payments made on a credit card will be charged a 3.5% premium.

Domestic wires are charged $20 per transfer

International wires are charged $40 per transfer

Any additional transfer fees are the responsibility of the transferring party.

Contact Zandur and request document #Z030 for complete up to date terms and conditions.