Designed to enhance any interior with the natural characteristics of cork in a three-dimensional plank, Tavos Wall Planks are perfect for feature panels or entire rooms. Tavos Planks are made from 100% natural cork. Subtle tonal changes in the product are created through the baking process adding to the unique character of the product. The patented process allows Zandur to create cork wall planks that have a unique lineal pattern, superior acoustical ratings, flexibility and a totally unique visual design.

Zandur Wall planks are an excellent choice for lobby feature panels or other areas where a natural, acoustically beneficial finish is desired including corporate or hospitality projects. The product may be installed over drywall and other properly prepared substrates including curved surfaces.

• Made from 100% Recycled & Renewable Cork. • Superior Acoustical Properties compared to most wood and vinyl products. • Qualifies for numerous LEED credits • Meets CA 01350 Indoor Air Quality tests required for CHPS and Floorscore Certification • Extremely Durable • Low Maintenance • Safe – Red List Chemical Free, anti-bacterial

Available Formats:
Plank Thickness: Standard 3/16” & 5/16”
Sizes: 3.9” x 35.4” + 5.9” x 35.4” Other dimensions available on request.

Suggested Applications:
Health Care Offices, General Commercial Retail Hospitality, Restaurants, Hotels Corporate

General Installation:
Concrete & Plywood: Install over smooth wood or drywall substrate using Zandur #40 contact adhesive

Product may be wiped down with a damp rag and dusted as required.

Product Benefits:
Low Reflectivity – The texture of the product reduces glare and reflection which is particularly important for assisted living applications. Acoustically Beneficial – The cork component significantly enhances acoustical benefits reducing ambient sound levels. Its acoustic properties are superior to other wall covering product such as wood. Flexible – Compared to many other acoustical wall covering options, the product may be installed on curved substrates. Easy to Maintain – Dust or wipe down with damp rag. The product is extremely stain resistant. Safe: Sustain Cork rubber meets all US and International standards for Fire, Smoke and Slip Resistance. Additionally, it is anti-microbial. Like all Zandur rubber products, Sustain is Red-List Chemical Free.