Product Enhancement

Safety Flooring

Sustain provides an incredibly slip resistant surface due to its combination of specially formulated rubber and cork.

With slip coefficients of 1.07 dry and 0.96 wet, Sustain is clearly the leader in slip resistant flooring for commercial interiors.

All Sustain products are standard with high slip resistance.


All standard Zandur flooring products are available from stock in plank formats allowing extensive opportunities to design your own unique floor.

Due to the natural, subtle variance in Sustain and Praxis, the plank formats result in a floor with a unique, organic depth that is unmatched by any other resilient product.


Sustain and Flex: Contact Zandur or your local sales group for heavy duty and skate an spike resistant product options.

Praxis HD is a 5/16” thick version of its homogeneous cork patterns which is intended for applications where a long life cycle greater than 15 years is desired. The added thickness allows the floor to be sanded and refinished (much like solid hardwood) and provides enhanced acoustical properties. CT1001, 1005 and 1003 are stocked in HD patterns.

Other HD patterns require a lead time and minimum order. HD is available in those patterns featuring the HD tag.

Skate and Spike Safe

Flex Solid Rubber: Contact Zandur or your local sales group for available products.

It is specifically designed to withstand excessive wear in ice arenas or other sporting areas where skates or spikes come in contact with the floor.

Shock Resist

Sustain and Flex Sport and fitness products offer increased protection of sub-floors from damage in the event weights or heavy objects are dropped on the floor.

For areas subjected to regular and intentional dropping of weights, Zandur recommends the use of drop-off matting to prevent flooring indentations and excessive point load shock and potential damage of sub-floors.

All Shock resist products provide significant underfoot comfort and acoustical benefit.